At Central School of Speech and Drama, our second term company, The Naked Theatre, explored what it means to be honest on stage and the repercussions of being honest in real life.

I like to think I’m simply good to have around. I have worked on set up crews, stage crews and backstage.  There is no soreness quite like a job well done.

My advanced degree is in collaborative production.  At Central, the MA Advanced Theatre Practice students are the ones most likely to be on campus from open to close polishing their latest assignment.  Choosing to take part in the MAATP was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Instead of being sat in classes learning how other people do their craft we were left in a studio with an assignment and one simple instruction, “invest yourselves.”

When we wanted something to happen, we made it happen.  That often meant drawing from my previous experience in basic sound engineering, live sound, video, set construction, and lighting.  I often had to learn new equipment overnight and find ways to create something special out of student pocket change.

One of my dreams is to run a music venue that has its hands in multimedia.  I have spent much of my life learning the many different necessary things that go into a successful production with this goal in mind.  Probably the most critical of them all:  humor and enthusiasm.


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