The Schoolhouse Rock

Here is where I am:

On Friday morning we arrive on site, there is much to do before the bands arrive. Our soundsystem, known as the largest in Oregon will meet us as we finish our first cups of coffee. I expect the rest to be a blur of set up, sound checks and trouble shooting.

That night we camp under the stars. The crew, the bands, the somehow safe campfire (need help on that one!)…this will be a night filled with music and meeting new friends.

Rise and shine as we need to put the final touches on before festival goers arrive. First set is at 1 (or earlier, this depends on bands mostly) and we play until sunrise. Obviously we will need a coffee cart. Vendors will be responsible for themselves but not for a fee. I figure getting them there is fee enough. We need to figure out a way to make sure we are as Eco friendly as possible. If possible I would like to have everything recyclable. Alcohol is more of a ball ache than I’d like to deal with frankly, but I understand it is a big deal to some. If we are going to do alcohol the cheap way is doing a beer garden, but I personally think those are ridiculous….but cheap….I would prefer we have alcohol monitors and different colored wrist bands. I still haven’t heard back from OLCC what kind of fence we would need in that situation.

The music comes in three sets, the Sunny Set is bluegrass, country and folk, headliner set is at 6. The Twilight Set is indie and rock, headline at 11. The Starlight Set is electro and headline will be determined by sunrise…probably around 5.

We can’t really afford to pay this much talent but what we can do is make a mutually beneficial trade. We look for the bestest of up and coming bands from the NW and we give them the tools they need. A band who plays this festival will get professionally produced live music videos, time with a professional photographer and opportunity to impress people from several major radio stations and music publications.

In addition to the day’s musical activities, The Schoolhouse Rock makes use of its name by offering workshops and talks with people who have been there. Musicians who have been on tour, screen printers who design teeshirts, social media gurus and others will be invited to share wisdom.

I have a few photographers and all videographers excited to join us, the list of potential workshop leaders is growing slowly and I’ve had bands express interest already! What I need now is a temp check.

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