Vote or shurrup.


@OccupyWallStNYC asking Americans 2 vote is like the dentist asking what tooth u want pulled. No wonder so few cast a ballot..

@OccupyWallStNYC That said we can’t JUST complain. Gotta find a better way. Be creative. Change the rules of the game.

I love Twitter. It is one of the best sources for current news and always reconnects me after long days. Today was a doozie, partially brought on by an almost all night debate about the need for change in our voting system which left my still recovering body aching as I attempted to clean up the final remnants of our fantastic new year ring in. I couldn’t help my natural progression of our nightly turn in, despite knowing it would probably lead to more time upright. Glad I didn’t, as now I get to go to bed comforted that we are not the only ones up in the middle of the night thinking about these things.

Tomorrow I intend on thinking about these things in the daylight.

For now, I simply want to express that while the voting process is convoluted and corrupt it is inexcusable to not vote. I managed to vote in the last presidential election from 5000 miles away from my home. As did many of my American classmates. While I think campaigns like Rock the Vote are awesome and I have been wandering around my own mind to think of creative ways to inspire people using music and film, I find it disturbing that it is more important to most kids to get a lottery ticket or cigarettes on their 18th birthday than to register.

What if you could watch CNN and Tweet your senators in real time? What if they could count on us to be there for them so they could really make the right decision for their constituents? Add a simple polling feature? Then when We, The People say NO. and they still say Yes, we can really call them out. Accountability to the people. Too many are not paying attention and they know it.

Don’t get too comfy. Things are changing.

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