A resolution to fail. And fail better.

If you had an awesome December 31 like I did, you will understand why my project for this year had to wait a day.

Here is the deal: I am tired of being surrounded by mis- or un- informed people. No reason to be hostile, if my writing comes off as such please feel free to call me out on it, but I write about things which I am passionate about.

I am no great writer. I’m not much for speeches. Because I am currently one of many independent makers with no steady income (i learned sooo many special ways to say ‘starving artists’ in grad school), i am often unable to be in the trenches, tied to my editing desk and networking sites just to make rent. Yet, in the past few months I have been told I could be dangerous. Thing is, this is something I feel is in every person alive. It is a choice to be educated. And you aren’t paying attention if you can’t find something that ignites your passion. Or you are a zombie. No, wait. Zombies love brains. If you can’t find anything that lights your fire I beg you to drop everything you are currently doing and go find your spark of life. (Yes, really. I had to and it. Was. Terrifying. But I am a much better person for it)

When armed with just facts we can be seen as cold or ignored completely by the natural human desire to ignore things we disagree with or find uncomfortable.

When armed with only passion we can often make irrational decisions and arguments. My favorite of these was a girl on my floor in my second year of being a resident assistant at University of Oregon (GO DUCKS! Did anyone see today’s Rose Bowl? 😀 ) who when trying to tell me why she disagreed with my program about gay marriage could only come down to “it made more sense when my dad explained it”. This was after she had spent the previous ten minutes passionately preaching at me about evil.

Being dangerous comes from a desire to be. When you back passion with facts the results are almost incalculable. This is not easy. It takes almost an hour off my Facebook and YouTube stalking!


Instead of spending 4 minutes stalking your ex on Facebook, pull up NPR. It will feel better, I promise. Get yourself a Twitter account and spend 20 minutes searching for people talking about things you are interested in. Watch out, it can become addicting.


The most amazing thing about passion is the human ability to harness it in infinite ways. We are all capable of great things. Pick up a camera and explore. Dust off that guitar way too many of us store in the closet. Find your old crayons and draw. Do not let your passion, your voice, be stifled by fear of perceived failure. As a maker you will never be satisfied with a piece of work but it may speak to someone. As a maker, creator, artist, whatever you want to call my mash up of skills and passions, the only thing I can hope for is that someone else is touched by something I do.

I am done ignoring my passions. And if you haven’t yet read around, ignoring the facts can literally be fatal nowadays. This blog follows one person’s quest to get off the soapbox and make something beautiful. And maybe just a tad bit dangerous to those living in their safety bubbles.

And I urge you to do the same.

The Guardian gave an impressive interview article profiling 12 artists and their creative processes today. Well worth the ten minute comprehensive read.

Adam Taylor , a musician I sink into on days I need a pop-me-up wrote this lovely short blog post on the best creative advice he ever got.

The Activists a collective of makers who are using their passion to talk politics in new and innovative ways.

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