The Everyday Occupier

It is time for us to do something. We have proven that we are here, that we will not go away, that we are not going to be intimidated. But while our brave brothers and sisters camp out to continually remind the public of the movement, the everyday Occupier cannot sit on their haunches and simply get in fights on Facebook.

So, I sit here on top of a very pretty advanced degree from a top in the world university, unemployed. I lean back and take inventory of my skills and talents to find that there is much I can do to help us, and you can too!

1. Vote with your dollar. This is my baby and has been since they built a Wal Mart in our neighboring town. The best way we can fight against corporate greed is to not give them anything. Yes, it is more expensive and instead of three flat screen TVs you may only get to have one, but you didn’t really need that one in your bathroom, did you? This includes, of course the responsible banking of your money. Check out your local credit unions and small chain banks.

2. Buy local. This goes along with no 1, but it deserves it’s own number. Find out what companies sold in your local grocers are close by companies creating jobs for your community. Here in Oregon it is easy, Tillamook everything is easily worth every penny and according to Diane Sawyer “if we all spend $64 on American made gifts this holiday season the result would be 200k in new jobs.” Looks like everyone I know is getting cheese for Christmas.

3. READ. Being educated is so important. When someone comes at you with something like “you people cost the taxpayers over 1.3 million in damage to our city park” you will be able to respond with “which is less than 1% of the yearly budget for city parks. Oh and by the way, did you know that there is more damage caused by city run events in parks? Yeah, that is why waterfront park looks like hell most of the year.” Make sure you pay special attention to your own community. Remember, there is little more annoying than trying to have an intelligent conversation with someone about local and international politics and all they have is a bunch of crap about bringing down the man.

4. Speak up. When you hear someone wimbling on Occupy, go have a conversation. A friendly one. Loads of people don’t pay attention to the Tweets, the Blogs, the citizen journalists or even the mainstream media. We have an obligation to open our hands and offer them to others.

5. Make. If you are a maker, go forth and do. Make yourself useful for yourself, your neighbors, our movement. Do what you can. I have been sitting on my degree lamenting that no one wants me. Well, hell, I want me! This is my pledge, Occupy, I will use my talents to further our strength and create my own jobs and further my community.

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